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She Brought Out The Girl In Him

Jesse is a happy eight year old.He has the love of his parents.He has friends.As time went on he knew something was missing from his life.All his friends are male. He feels he needs a female friend.But like most boys that age,he thought girls had cooties and they were icky.He was afraid to be seen around girls
because he didn't want to called sissy.He knew he needed a friendship with a girl.Then a family moved in five houses down from him.Their was two girls.One girl,her name is Anne and was his age.They became friends.They would walk to and from school.At school he would ignore her,afraid of being teased.Now not only liking her as a friend,he was liking the clothes she wore.They spent alot of time at each others home.One day the usual bull was going with the boys making fun of the girls.But that day one of them was going to far.His teasing caused Anne to cry.Jesse stood up for her.Then they started teasing him.Saying all kinds of things.After school one boy yelled that Anne was going to dress Jesse in her clothes.They got to her house and thanked Jesse for what he did.She asked if she return the favor. Jesse said...............................................
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M 1 Response Apr 29, 2012

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