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That's Another Mistake Chapter 6

Dan handed the sales lady the credit card for safe keeping, she then took Dan by the hand
and led him to the girls shoe department, she'd say" well no girl would be caught wearing
boys sneaakers now" so she measured Dan feet for shoe sizes and quickly gathered a arm full
of boxes and returned to Dan ,then instructed him to try each pair for fit .

As Dan tried on shoes, the saleslady disappeared ,she was busily arranging the further
shopping of Dan, meanwhile Dan found most of the shoes fit okay but were uncomfortable
and difficult to walk in, especially the high heeled ones,
He's later discover that's the way females wear there shoes, not for comfort, but for style.

As Dan told the saleslady he couldn't decide upon a single pair of shoes,she announced to
Dan her plan for the day
" Dan, lets just buy several of everything today, and ship it to your hotel, then what you don't
like you can send back to our store for a refund"
That sounded great to Dan

The sales lady said to Dan, "if you trust my taste ,I would be willing to do all your shopping
for you today, while you sit and relax"
Dan agreed to that, why would he want to look at dresses away.

The store measured Dan body in everywhich way possible and they
said to follow Jenny , she'll take you to a place to sit and relax.

Dan was planning on relaxing in the sports department, Jenny took hiim to the
instore salon.

She took Dan right to a fancy chair by a sink.
Dan was shocked when she started to shave his head to a clipper cut short style
but that was just the beginning, Jenny measured his head and went off and returned
with a cart full of wigs!
she placed wig after wig on Dans shaved skull and fiddled and brushed each wig plenty
"you look so pretty with each wig she'd said, Dan fely helpless and said nothing
that's a mistake, as Jenny next began plucking his eyebrows ,then she attached
ssome false eyelashes with a superglue garanteed not to fail

she again placed each of her many wigs on DAN and again was thrilled with
the look they created
" WE JUST HAVE TO DO YOUR MAKE-UP DAN and see what a pretty girl you are"

Jenny used her skill and talent, to place upon Dan, lipstick, eyeliner, blush
the entire caboodle of cosmetics
Dan realized from avove the neck he was now A GIRL

The Salelady returned and was quick to compliment Dan on his new appearance
she had DAN return with her to the girls dapartment
where Dan completed his girl makeover
everything the Saleslady brought was quickly placed on DAN, panties, pantyhose,
bra, slip dress
he was unable to stop the quick dressing done by the salelady
He glanced in a mirror,
the salelady was finally finished with DAN , HAILED a taxi and said
the remained of your purchases will arrive sometime soon at the hotel

the taxi driver said" where to Miss?"
the first time Dan felt like a little lady
off they went to the hotel.
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Yes, what a dream.<br />
Meanwhile, back at the hotel.....<br />
Let the adventure begin.

Oh so sweet. Most boys dream come true.