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Paul Anderson And The Pioneer Village Chapter 4

The next 2 days were about as bad as day 1,no better ,no worse-
Pauls supervisor made Paul happy at the end of Wednesday, telling
Paul he had off Thursday and Friday,
Paul however was soon unhappy when the same supervision said
Paul was expected to work Saturday and Sunday.

The news got worse for Paul when his parents said they wouldn't drive him
to and from work all weekend,
His Mom did say she'd pay his busfare.

Paul had great fears of riding the bus wearing his pioneer dress , it was one thing
to be in the village in funny old style clothes and another thing to be
in the modern day world in pioneed clothes.

Paul stood at the bus stop Saturday morning and got honked at by pssing cars
the bus was ride itself wasn't so bad, as the bus had mainly little old ladies
riding it,
Paul guessed they were off to a market.

Paul rang the bell so he could get off at Pioneer Village, the driver didn't open the door
,instead he said to Paul if he was a volunteer working in the park, he need not
pay bus fares , the city pays your way.

So as Paul bordered the bus on his way home Saturday, he mentioned about
his position in the park and that he wished a free ride.
The driver accepted that story and Paul Pocketed the $3 fare his mom gave him.

On Sunday Paul made the decision to tell his Mom about his free fares on the bus
she was pleased and said he could keep the money she had intended for busfare.

The news got worse Sunday night when DAD said, why should we waste gas and time
driving you to the village when you get free transport from the city.
So as of Sunday , it was busing every day for Paul.
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Yes, I as well am on the edge of my chair.<br />
What could happen next?

I am on the edge drinking again trying to figure the out come of this story.It is a good<br />