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The Summer That Changed Everything,is It Over(part5)

After afew more Saturdays,the boys were at ease and having fun dressing as girls at Robins house.Then it happened,while playing follow the leader.Running
thru the house following Beverly,she ran out the back door.Without hesitation,the boys followed her out the door.Around the yard and the house was the sounds of laughter and sreaming of four little girls.After awhile Robin brought out kool-aid and snacks.She asked them how it felt to be out dressed as girls running around.All three said it felt wonderful.Don't you think it's time to tell your parents?The boys talked among themselfs for afew minutes and all said yes.
But how do we tell them? Well boys,they already know.They know, but who told?It doesn't matter,said Robin.Your parents love you and don't care if you dress as girls and they don't care who knows.Robin said why don't you all go home and show them how cute you all look.It was agreed the boys could dress as often as they wanted to.Their friends accepted them and even played together while the boys were dressed.

   My wish is for all parents to let their children be themselfs.Being a crossdresser,transgendered,gay or Bi hurts no one.These kids are only being who they were born to be.All they want is your love and understanding but these kids need to be happy with themselfs.
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M 1 Response May 6, 2012

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A very nice ending.<br />
Yes parents, if you don't want your kids to grow up hating your guts and wishing you are dead then read and listen to the last bit.<br />
Part of the reason why I don't like my 'dad' is because he wanted me to be his little man which was not me, my mother knew I was different to my older brother and she treated me different like I was a girl to the disgust of my 'dad'.<br />
My 'dad' stunted my growth to just be me.