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Being A Daughter Of A Cross Dresser

Being a daughter of a crossdresser is alot of fun...sometimes..even though my dad dresses like a girl and everything he wont let tha stop him.
Every weekend we go out and he is dressed.and lets keep this in dad has a very bad temper,and even though he is dress he will not let that stop him if you do something to **** him off..
Im goin to tell you a little story that happened when i was 12 years old...
It all happened on a Sunday morning.My dad,mom,brother and I was all headingup north for a family shoppin day,and yes my dad was dress up.We were on a back road when this jackass started tailgating and my dads temper came into action....
I will never forget my dad......
demonicsangel2011 demonicsangel2011 22-25, F May 6, 2012

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