Danny Soaking Part Two

After I got soaked and had to wear girls clothes for the test of the holiday mum has decided that I must remain a girl as I am much better behaved as a little girl, I now have a complete wardrobe of pretty dresses and skirts, a draw full of girls panties and training bra's and some loverly white or pink ankle socks with frills on them and some girls mary jane strap on shoes, my hair has been styled to that of an 8 year old little girl with pigtails and my pink bedroom displays all my dollies, mummy has tought me to curzy when I meet people and be a polite little girl at all times. I have had to give up all my male freinds and now can only play with other little girls from my street or at school. I am in the school play this year and I play the part of little red rideing hood. Yesterday I went to my freinds birthday party, she was 8 year old and we had lots of fun playing with our dolls and other girl games in the garden, we were playing hopscotch when I fell and crazed my knees and went screaming to mummy who told me to be a brave little girl and stop crying.
I told mummy on the holiday that I didnt want to be a little girl and wanted to stay a boy but now I have so much fun being a girl that I want to stay a little girl forever so I can play with all the other little girls and boys, mummy says dont worry as I will always be a girl now but to be carefull when I fall so I dont show my knickers to all the boys as boys like to see little girls panties. Mummy has just bought me a new pink gingham dress for school with matching panties and says I look so pretty in it that I can push my dolls pram to the park and show all the girls it. I love being a sissy and would hate to be a boy again.
danella555 danella555
13-15, M
May 9, 2012