It Was A Dark And Stormy Night When Mr Bud Bear...p2.

(I cant talk like Billy/ie so here goes)

Mom was pleased with what Fraky said to her and their decision to support me and that she said she knew Billy would do it anyway and has already made plans.

Mom kissed and hugged me for doing this for us and then told us she has her own announcement to make and told us to sit down while she and Logie went to the kitchen to get Chocolate chip cookies and milk, I suppose to soften us up for what she has to say, she always does that before what she calls an “announcement”

Bud Bear tried to follow my mom cause he had no more donuts and I supposed he wanted all the cookies to himself so I grabbed him and we sat down and that brat Doris had a strange smirk she was trying to hide while Mary Beth looked at Doris like she was trying to tell her something.
Mom and Logie soon hurried back with the cookies and milk,
Mom put the tray of cookies on the table closely followed by Logie with the jar of milk and we just helped ourselves and sat there with our mouths stuffed with cookies and slurping our milk and then mom got a look in her eyes like she does when we don’t eat like proper little girls and that Doris giggled and called us little piggies. She should not talk. Look at that ragged old smelly doll she has and it sucks green puke. Fraky was too lazy to get his own cookie and tried to get one of Buds cookies only to get bitten by Bud and sneaky Bobby took it from Bud while he was biting Fraky and that brat Doris was going to say sumthing about piggies again but mom told them to hush and all was quiet again, cept the munching of cookies and the slurping of milk.

Mom asked me if I have given great thought to what she was asking me to do and I just nodded yes not realising that Bud Bear was next to me wanting more cookies so he took a few more saying sumthing like he prefers Donuts and ran far enough from me so that I couldn’t take them off him.
Mom continued reminding me that I must be a full time 24/7 girl and I must realise the boys stuff has to go and its for 3 years.  I nodded yes cause it’s for my mom and me I have to do this for and its only for 3 years. I am not letting that bum old man of mine beat us. I will show him who is no good.
Ok mom said, its settled. The first thing I must do is put our house up for sale and that will take a bit of time to organise and find another house and we have not much time to waste.

Billie, my mom said looking at me, It would be better for me to do this on my own and you need some catching up to do to be a full time girl. No more Billy for awhile so I am sending you away to Miss Robyns finishing school for girls, I heard a whimper from Logie, I suppose he wanted to go as well knowing how he carries on about her all the time and I just jumped for joy and who cares about that brats smelly doll.

My mom notices that Logie is looking a bit sad and tells him that she has a surprise for him.

Miss Robyn knows you all and thinks some of you may need some help on your weak points and seeing that you Logie are a bit weak in high heels and going up and down steps you are to go along with Billie and seeing that school holidays are next week both of you go then if that is ok with Logies mom.

Wow, you should of seen Logie, he coughs out some cookie and a bit of milk dribbled out of his nose, ewww that sucks green snot in pink panties and he just about fainted and Mary Beth just rolled her eyes about cause she knows he will talk about Miss Robyn all the way back home.
Of course Fraky and Bobby had to say that they have weak somethings as well and want to go and brush up and can they go and mom laughed that they can also go if their moms let them, Miss Robyn is always happy to see you all and I have already asked the girls if they want to go if they want to help Miss Robyn, even you Doris and I almost fainted with the thought of having that brat with us all the time and I asked why and mom said they are girls, real girls and its great to have girls with you so that some of their girlieness rubs off on you boys and I almost choked on my cookie, Doris? Girlie?

 Mom continued after my almost choking to death and said Miss Robyn has also got princess LadyBeverley and Miss Melodie if she needs them and Cindy as well.

Remember boys, when you are on a shoot or a fashion show, you must be girls not boys in dresses and you could do with a new adventure..

You are all going to a summer holiday school for girls while I get the house sold and it should sell quickly.

To be continued....

Hello.. Billie, anyone want to add to this or you want me to continue?
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Thank you all.

HEY, like you wrote such a good chapter ,on short notice, blows my mind.