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So Alone (ending)

Yes we can,he loves you.Mickey thought about it and asked if they could wait before telling daddy.If thats what you want.Back home Mickey couldn't wait to try on his new clothes.After aweek,Mickey asked his mom if he could dress and go some place.She thought he looked like a girl and is so cute.She said lets go.In the car she asked,where to?The park.Once at the park he jumped out of the car and ran to the swings.She came up to him and told him he has to slow down.You don't want to fall and ruin your dress.After awhile she said we need to get home before daddy.On the ride home Mickey was quiet.She knew something was on his mind.At home he asked her,will daddy love me dress like this?Yes.Lets tell him tonight.Can i stay dressed for him to see me?If thats's
what you want.When he gets home,you go in your room until i call you.She was nervous.How would he react?Then the time came.He walked into the kitchen as usual.She said before we have supper,there's something i need to tell you.Actually Mickey has something to show you.With that she called for Mickey to
come out. A little scared and shaking,Mickey walked into the kitchen.His father sat there for afew seconds before speaking.He said i'll be back in acouple of minutes.Not knowing what was going to happened,she had Mickey sit in her lap.He came back in and dropped an envelope on the table.Open it he said.In it was about a dozen pictures of a little girl.Who is that she asked him.Who do you think?Is this you?Yep.Mickey and his mom couldn't believe it.She asked about it.My older sisters would dress me up.Mom would take pictures because i was having so much fun.We did it mostly on weekends in private.Over time we just stopped.I was afraid to say anything.Daddy,your not mad?Come here Mickey,no i am not mad.I guess your mom bought you somethings already.How about we all go shopping this weekend?They let Mickey dress anytime he wanted.He eventually started going outside playing while dressed.His friends accepted him.The girls thought he was so cute.
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M 3 Responses May 10, 2012

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Ahh a masterpiece.

This is a great ending, I'm soooo glad Mickey's dad wasn't mad and embraced his son with love! : )

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