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Paul Anderson And The Pioneer Village Chapter 7

Wednesday was finally here, Paul knew he had off Thursday and Friday, if he could just
get thru today he'd be okay, the weekend was just that barn dance and a church service
practically all sitting .

Paul hoped thebus would soon get to his stop, it looked like rain and he didn't want his clothes
wet, he then realized he must be crazy, why was he worried about his girl clothes,
I guess he found them not half bad,even for girls clothes worn by early settlers.

The bus came and seemed extra full, a few more passengers than normal, probably
cyclists not wanting to get wet.

As Paul boarded the bus, he looked for the kind man who gave up his seat daily, he was
no where to be seen, for some reason he wasn't on the bus today.

Paul was forced to stand,like many other passengers,
somewhere amongst the standing group was that odd man he has trouble with.

Paul held the passenger rail as the bus headed off, then Paul noticed a sensation, it was like
something touching his butt, it was something, somebodys hand was feeloing his butt

Paul was unable to decide a course of asction, he decided to ignore it, maybe t was a accident
you never know.

Next thing Paul knew someone was pinching his butt, this was harrassment and Paul
wouldn't stand for it, he called out to the busdriver to stop the bus I have a problem.

The driver stopped the bus and Paul whispered in his ear, someones pinching my butt
The driver didn't keep this so quiet as Paul had hoped for
He spoke right out to all the passengers saying, anyone see this girl being felt up
in a rude way,
A lady further back in the bus said yes she saw it and she pointed out the creep who did it

of course it had to be that odd man again- the driver thru him off the bus forcing him to
walk the remainder of the way to work.

He was mighty angry and vowed to get even that pioneer girl
He walked past the Pioneer village aware the bus passed by long ago

He found this sign outside the village interesting


Hmmm, he decided Saturday night, he 'd be back to the village to dance
poor Paul into the ground.
LadyBeverly LadyBeverly 18-21, F 2 Responses May 12, 2012

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I hope Paul tells somebody at home or at the village.If not,do want Melodie said.

Maybe paul should wear his spiked heels under his dress, the ones with the metal cleats and metal covered toes. Then for sure sparks would fly at the dance.