A Life Gone By

Sitting in the common room overlooking the knoll where the redbuds were in full bloom, Lorraine looked around the room and sighed. Had she really been here six years? Where had it gone, and for that matter, where had all the years gone. She closed her eyes and began to reminisce in her mind. She was now 78, but she still felt as though she was young, as young as the day she married William. She sighed and recalled that emotional day, and how it had to be postponed for a month.

Lorraine arrived at the chapel dressed in her dark blue rayon suit and pillbox hat, and immediately she began to shake with anticipation! It was really happening! William would be her husband in less than two hours. "I must make sure I look wonderful for him," she thought. She looked into the mirror to check her lipstick when she saw William coming toward her, his face ashen and his face tear stained. "Lorraine, something terrible has happened. You'd better sit down" "William, what is it? What's wrong?"

William looked at her and whispered, "it's...it's my mother. She...she...and he fell sobbing into her lap. She couldn't think, couldn't move. What was happening?

Your turn, Shelle!
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Hey! Shelle! Just leave her alone. Let her go to express herself. Just continue the story and don't hurt each other. This is going to be interesting. Great job Cookie. Kick Shelle's Butt..........................................! Try the right uppercut!<br />
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