Life Gone By Chapter Two

William would have been 83 this day as Lorraine looked out over the blooming red buds He had succumbed to complications from his Diabetes,some three years earlier,leaving Lorraine,comfortable in their southern Indiana cottage with the beautiful tree covered hills and rolling meadows,yes She remembered very well when they finally moved there 6 years earlier She had gotten to spend only three yrs. with William in their retirement dream home.
They had both worked hard all their lives, building a life for themselves and their two wonderful children Debra and Micheal,she in her fifties and he in his sixties now. It seemed they had too little contact with them barring the usual holiday events they both had busy lives and were doing the same thing she and William had done throughout their lives start and raise a family and pursue their career's.
Lorraine and William had met so many years ago in 1965 as they both went to college At Purdue University,He was pursing a degree in agricultural Engineering,and she was studying to be a veterinarian,she had grown up loving animals and wanted to help them as a Dr. and there was a great need for these services in their area as it was very agricultural.William being a bit older had secured his degree already and went to work for a large firm in the area called  Purina Mills He started out with a low end management position but could see a long future with the company and room to move quickly up the ranks to a good position with this National firm.Lorraine continued her studies and they made plans to be Married,She finished her studies and was to join William in marriage she had dreams of opening Her own animal clinic and having a wonderful life with here beloved William,as she looked out that day at the red buds reminiscing of that day day when she arrived at the Chapel and the dreadful events that would soon befall them when William came to her with the news about his mother,what was he about to unleash On this special day that would cause their wedding to be postponed, she sat down as instructed and braced herself for what she knew would not be anything good,my God what was this news that required her to sit for it?

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Boo Hoo Shelle, Your story is only rated as a 2..................

Now this story is becoming really interesting...............................