Her Life Part 2

Bailey told Jason that her dad is an abusive alcoholic and her mom is a total druggie and she doesnt want to bring people around them. Jason was shocked and asked her to tell him more about it.She didnt see why he cares all of a sudden when all he ever did was make fun of her.Bailey asked him "why do you care,were not even friends?" Jason said "I would like to be friends tho,you seem pretty cool as what I've seen over the week we've been workin together." Bailey was still in tears and just looked at Jason and said "ok but i've warned you" Jason looked puzzled and didnt know why she would say that. Bailey pulled off her hoodie and her arms were covered in bruises. Bailey explained to Jason why she is always wearin black and hoodies,she doesnt want anyone to see the brusies and cuts that cover her body that her dad leaves on her every single night. Jason was almost in tears when Bailey went on to tell him that her dad has been raping her from that age of 8,she never told anyone because he has threatened her if she ever told he would kill her. Jason felt so bad,he got up went over to Bailey and hugged her tight. He held her while she cried and he whispered in her ear "Everything will be alright I'm here for you now,and noone will ever hurt you again"
That nigh Jason went home with Bailey to work on the project and no surprise to her, her mom was passed out on the couch like she was every night and her dad was in his den drinkin beer. Bailey took Jason to the den and introuced him to her dad.That went smoothly,her dad was actually nice and didnt even ask anything bout him all he said was to Bailey to get him another beer. Bailey and Jason went upstairs to her room,and as soon as she opened the door Jason got the shock of his life......
demonicsangel2011 demonicsangel2011
22-25, F
May 17, 2012