A Life Gone By. Chapter 3

William finally looked up at her and said, "mother got into a terrible argument with father, and she left him. She took a few things and said she'd come back and get the rest later." she hugged me and said she was sorry things were this way, especially on our wedding day, but I have to get away from your father. I can't talk about it right now, not here, but I will tell you why this happened. With that she got into her car and drove away. "I just don't think I can think about a wedding today, and please, please believe me, I want to marry you. Would you mind if we postpone it? Just for a few weeks until Things calm down.

She stroked his cheek and said, "My darling William! I understand completely and I am here for you. We will wait a while longer.

Gazing about the room, she rested her eyes on the family portrait taken just a year ago Christmas when the children were home. Michael was still a good looking man, and his life had been successful as a businessman. How she longed to hug her oldest child, so special to her. Next she looked at Debra and smiled. She was a mischievous one and so funny! How she made them all laugh! Her personality fit her profession as a trauma nurse, as she was able to keep her coworkers and patients optimistic and hopeful with her warm smile and friendly banter.

Lorraine recalled how Debra was always so supportive and fiercely protective of her family, especially Michael. What a unique bond they had. Sharing secrets, trying to outdo each other with new jokes. It seemed they always had their heads together in some elaborate scheme Debra had cooked up. Lorraine wondered how her quiet, bright older child would let the younger child take the lead in these escapades. Did he really enjoy them or did he want to please his sister? Oh, Lorraine, she thought, he has always loved that baby girl since the moment she was carried into the house.

As the sky began to darken and the wind put a bit of a chill in the house, Lorraine went to the bedroom to get a sweater. As she slipped it on, there was a knock at the door. Who would be here this time of evening and so far from town? She peeked out of the curtains, and with a sob in her throat she flung the door open! She couldn't believe her eyes! What brought this visitor to her door?

Go, shelle, go. Make like a bean and toot!

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Maybe it was ME at the door.

ALL I CAN SAY IS! WHO IS AT THE DOOR. ????????????????????????

I think Cookie knows.........I am depending on her. Remember her rating is a 3, yours is only a mere 2!