Her Life Part 3

Baileys room was not wat Jason was expecting. Her room was hot pink with zebra stripes on everything. Jason was totally shocked,he asked Bailey if she designed her room and she said "ya,im not really the dark girl everyone think I am,I just act like one so noone will bother me"Jason and Bailey layed on her floor designin the posterboard they were using for thir project. Bailey asked Jason if it was ok to change into somthing more comfortable and Jason didnt mind. So Bailey got up and went to the bathroom and put her pajamas on. Jason was surprised on how comfortable she was being with him. The next two hours Jason and Bailey worked on the project,Bailey was gettin tired and Jason saw it was getin late but he didnt want to leave her alone so he waited for her to fall asleep before he would leave,but that didnt happen they both ended up fallin asleep next to each other.
The next morning they were both awaken by a loud crash,Bailey jumped up and ran to the top of the stairs to see what was goin on,turns out her parents were fightin lik they normally did,so Bailey just went back to her room and saw Jason sittin up in bed. Bailey said "good morning,im surprised you stayed here with me lastnight,but thank you" Jason said while yawning "It no problem I didnt want anything to happen to you,so I just ended up fallin asleep,is everything ok down there?" Bailey explaind how every mornin when her mom would wake up from her high,that she would stumble into the den and wake her dad.then they would end up fightin but its not a big deal it happens every morning" Jason looked at her and said in a sad voice "im sorry that you have to go through this on a daily basis,is there anything i can do?" Bailey happly said "no,ive been dealing with this since i was 3 so its not really a big deal anymore,but uh why dont we get ready for school.you can take a shower first i'll go downstairs and make us something to eat" Jason said "ok" and went to take a shower. While Jason was in the shower,Bailey went downstairs and made waffles for her and Jason. Her parents were stil arguerin but the throwin stuff had stopped. Bout 20 mins later,Jason got out of the shower and Bailey was sitting on her bed with the wafles and orange juice. Jason said "aww thanks you didnt have to make me anything" Bailey said"its no problem, im always making breakfast in the morning so it doesnt really bother me,im goin to take a shower now,you can leave for school if you want,you dont have to wait for me" Jason had a "what are you crazy" look on his face and just laughed and said "i'll wait for you" so Bailey jumped in the shower,while Jason sat on her bed eatin the waffles and drinkin orange juice.
By the time Bailey got out of the shower it was already 7:05 they had to be at school by 8:00. Bailey got dressed and went back into her room to get her stuff and Jason was still sitting on her bed waitin for her. They both finished gettin ready and walked out of the door around 7:20. They walked to school talkin and laughin bout stupid stuff. Bailey for once was enjoyin herself. As soon as they reached school Bailey knew Jason was going to leave to go find his football friends,so she said"thanks again for stayin with me lastnight,and walking with me to school,i guess i'll see you in English"Before she could walk away Jason grabbed her arm and said "stop,i need to ask you something".....
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May 17, 2012