Her Life Part 4

Jason looked deep into her eyes,took a breathe and said "Bailey, I know I was always a jerk to you,and I never ment to hurt you if I did in anyway,but um I was wondering,would you give me the honor of being my girlfriend?" Bailey was so shocked she didn't know what to say or how to react all she could do was smile. She looked at Jason and said "of course" Jason hugged Bailey and kissed her. Bailey and Jason walked into school together holding hands.Everyone was shocked,they all stared and snickered.Jason football friends saw them together and said "Jason,what are you drunk?do you no see who you're holdng hands with?" Jason was about to say something but Bailey looked at the guys and said "ya he knows who hes walkin by,were you asleep this morning when you go dressed?" The football players and Jason started laughing.Bailey and Jason continued walking to class.Bailey has Algebra first period and Jason has History so Jason walked her to class and kissed her goobye.Bailey was so happy that she was smiling still and when she walked into Alegbra Jeremiah saw her and asked whatwas up with her since she never smiles.Bailey said "Jeremiah I know youre probably going to think im crazy but me and Jason are dating!" Jeremiah was in fact happy for her but also worried that Jason was just goin to hurt her.
Its lunch time and Bailey and Jeremiah always sit by one another,they usually sit in the back of the lunchroom away from everyone else,but today Jason came and sit by them.Jason kissed Bailey and said "what up"to Jeremiah. Bailey told Jason he could go sit by his friends that its not a big deal if he say by her.Jason said "its ok i wanna sit here with you and Jeremiah." They were having a good lunch until the jocks came over and started pickin on Jeremiah lik they did almost every day. Jason stood up and told them to leave Jeremiah alone.Bailey never expected Jason to stand up for him,but he did and she hugged him for it and Jeremiah said "thank you"
After school Jason went home with Bailey and go figure her mom was passed out again but this time her dad wasnt home,which is a first because he is usually home by now drinkin his life away,but Bailey didnt even bother to try wakin her mom to ask where he was. So Jason and Bailey went upstairs and went to her room and watched movies and worked on the project some more. Around 10p.m. Bailey heard the door slammed and she knew her dad was home.She heard him cussin and screamin at her mom,her and Jason got up and went to th top of the stairs. They both saw her dad holdin her mom by her throat then the unthinkable happened.......
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May 18, 2012