A Life Gone By Chapter Four

She flung open the door and to her surprise there stood Debra,what could she be doing here and without even calling ahead to warn her of a visit.
Debra set down her suitcase and hugged her mother and saying hello mother I love you,Oh my dearest Lorraine exclaimed is something wrong are you and Richard fighting what is it dear?No nothing like that mother I have come to spend a few days with you and to discuss some other things with you but I'm weary from my long trip and would love a cup of hot tea and a rest we can talk tomorrow.They sipped their tea in the kitchen and made small talk about having not seen each other for more than a holiday visit for years,Debra said mom I have taken some vacation time and will be spending the week with you but for now I need use of the guest room and a good nights sleep,Oh yes yes dear you know where the room is please take a hot shower and turn in we will have a nice breakfast in the morning and continue our visit I love you my dearest child so happy to see you I was feeling rather lonely today this is a wonderful surprise.
Morning came early for Lorraine just as it had for her entire life being born and raised in the farming country of the Midwest,The smell of freshly brewed coffee and hot biscuits in the oven awakened Debra and also awakened in her childhood memories of her mother always sending her and Michael and Father off in the mornings with a wonderful hot breakfast,before She (her mother) went off herself to give so kindly to the farm residents she so lovingly served her whole life,as a Veterinarian.Putting on her robe and slippers she hastily,made her way to the kitchen where what was was left of her frail and loving mother was preparing the morning feast,as she entered the kitchen the smile on her mothers face seemed so much the same as it had all her life and she could't help but smile just as much when she saw her mom standing there.They enjoyed the wonderful breakfast hot biscuits Homemade strawberry Jam,bacon and eggs as only her mother could do them,and oh that hot and strong coffee just the way her father had always loved it.She almost felt like a child again for a few minutes.
They cleaned up the kitchen and Debra said such a beautiful morning Mother lets take a walk in your flower garden,flowers had been a passion for Lorraine all her life she just loved the colors and the godly beauty they brought into the home she always had cut flowers on the table each night when William arrived from work, and a grand meal to go with them she worked hard all day and still found a way to give of herself to the ones she loved.They strolled leisurely in the flowers smiling and holding each others hand It was a true piece of heaven to Debra as she hadn't had this kind of time with her mom for so long.They enjoyed a wonderful day and as evening approached they joined together to make a nice dinner and enjoyed a glass of soft wine made locally in Bloomington In.
They then made their way to the view of the red buds on the knoll outside her mother in her chair and she in her fathers chair side by side,separated by  a stand where her fathers Pipe still lay just as it had when he was alive and with mother.
Her Mother leaned back in her chair and said What was it you wanted to talk about dear?Debra hardly knew where to begin and then said It's about Michael mother,He's in the hospital and having an operation,oh my god Debra what is it will he be alright? Well all things point to a yes on that mother don't worry his health is secure for now.Do you remember all the trouble he and his Wife Cherise had?Yes dear I have worried for years about them,well the truth is they have not been in love for the last 20 yrs. of their 40 yr marriage,She found that Michael had Woman's clothing in his closet and confronted him and he couldn't explain so she immediately assumed he was having an affair right there in their home,she hired a private investigator to find out what was going on,He brought her Pictures of Michael dressed as a woman,She confronted him once again and said don't lie about it Michael I have proof, He told Cherise the truth That he was A woman inside and had been all his life and that he couldn't stop himself or understand what it all meant himself.They are now getting a divorce,mother and you will never see your son again he is in Philadelphia getting a sex change operation and he wanted me to bring this news to you, he is now and will be Michelle,in the future,Lorraine just continued to stare out the window not saying a word, Mother did you hear what I just told you?
Only silence, mother,mother Debra got up from the chair and went over to her,my God she had died their listening to what Debra had told her, Debra was beside herself had she dealt the final blow to her mother could she have just pushed her the into the grave?The burden before her now was one she couldn't fathom she was now responsible, with the task of telling the family that her mother had passed away and could she ever find a way to tell anyone the truth about it but Michelle?but wait a minute,Debra checked her pulse again, it was faint but still there she called 911 and began CPR immediately, please mom hold on  till help arrives,what was happening was she having a seizure?
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