My New Job

It had been a long day of looking for work and even though I was a little tired I decided to stop at this bar on the way home to have a couple of drinks and relax. As I was walking I did not notice my surroundings and I did not notice that it was a gay bar it was I headed strait for the bar and ordered a drink. Just as I finished mt first drink and getting ready to order another this man sits down next to me asking me if this was my first time in that bar because he had never seen me in there before. I told him yes it was my first time in that bar and I introduced myself to him .  He told me his name as Chris and we began talking to each other manly small talk and getting to know each other .After we had been talking for a couple of hours Chris asked me what I thought at the time was a strange question.Chris asked me if I had ever thought about waring a dress and I told him no. Then we went on with small talk for another hour and then Chris asked me if I would consider dressing as a woman. I told Chris that I did not think it was my thing but I was willing to try almost anything once jokingly saying hell you never know i might just like it to which Chris and I laughed.We talked for a while longer and just before he left Chris gave me his cell phone number and told me that I Should call him in the morning because he might have a job for me and then we both left fo our homes.
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May 18, 2012