My New Job Chapter 1)

       I could not sleep that night thinking about the possible job and the strange questions that Chris asking me and i was wondering if and what they might have to do with each other .Finley 9:00am arrived so I called Chris up to see if he was offering me a job. Chris sounded very happy to hear from me and suggested that we should meet for lunch and he suggested  an out of the way restaurant that I had never herd of before and for us to meet about 1:00 pm .so I took a shower and put on cloths that made me look my best. When I arrived at the restaurant I noticed that Chris was already seated at a table and when he saw me motioned for me to come over to him. When I  arrived at the table Chris got up out of his chair walked over behind the chair that he was sitting in pulling out  the chair next to where he had been sitting and sated me.which I thought was very nice of him to do by that time our waitress came over .Chris wanted to order for the both of us and since I  had never been in that restaurant before I decided to let him. Chris ordered me a chefs salad and for himself he ordered a pork chop dinner and to go with our meals Chris ordered us a bottle of white wine. while we ate we made small talk and when Chris pored our last glasses of wine I decided to ask Chris if he had a job for me. Chris then asked me if I remembered him asking if i would dress as a woman and I said yes that i was willing to try anything once. Then Chris said that he liked me and if this did not work out he still wanted to be my friend then Chris asked me if I would be willing to take a job where I had to live as a woman 24/7 365 for at least two years.I was stunned and speechless and when I was able to speak I asked Chris to repeat himself.When Chris did I told him that I  did not know anything about being a woman.Chris then told me that his mother would give me a two  week crash course on living as a woman then if things work out we will talk about a job
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Hmm what can this job be?