My New Job Chapter 3

  Chris then asked me if I was ready to try and live 24/7 as a woman for two weeks and I said yes that I would try it if nothing Else at least I could say that I tried it then Chris said good and took me by the arm and escorted me to his car taking me to his mothers house where i would be living for the next two weeks.Once we arrived at his mothers house Chris escorted me in and introduced me to his mother as his new girl Stacy. Chris's mother then told me to take off all of my cloth's and go into the bathroom and she would be bright in to teach me how to shave. as i went into the bathroom Chris's mom handed Chris a purse and told him to put everything that was in my pockets into the purse and go donate my cloth's.Chris then picked up the cloths that I had been waring then headed over to my apartment without me knowing it to get the rest of my cloths to donate.After Chris left his mother came into the bathroom and showed me where I needed to shave and the best way to do it saying that I was lucky because my body did not have much hair on it.Once i was shaved i was told to put some body lotion all over my body and I loved the way that it felt when I massaged the lotion into my freshly Shavian skin. When i had finished Chris's mom gave me a pair of panties .a bra ,a pair of thigh high nylons . a black leather mini skirt  a blouse and a pair of 4 inch heel's with an open toe telling me to put them on in a hurry because I had a 4:00pm appointment at a beauty salon to get ready for my first date as Stacy.. i was at the salon for 3 and a halve hours in which I had my toe nails painted pink, I had my finger nails lengthened to 2 inches and gel coated rounded  and painted pink .my eye brows where shaped , I was showed which makeup to use and how and my shoulder length brown hair was now platinum blond with extension in it to make it down to my ***.When I looked in the mirror I could not believe what I was seeing staring back at me was a girl that I would want to go out with I was beautiful as I stood there admiring my looks in the mirror I heard Chris's mom say Stacy we have to get going Chris will be over to pick you up for your date soon so you want to be there for him.We got back to the house about 8:00pm and Chris was going to pick me up at 9:00pm just before Chris arived his mother takes a pair of breast forms puts some glue on them and sticks them into my bra telling me that Chris loves women with dubbei D size breasts .
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so wonderful i wamma be Stacy too .with Cris and his mom live in heaven,kisses for all