Her Life Part 6

Bailey was in tears when she looked at the test as it read positive.She was in shocked and called up Jeremiah.He knew something was wrong s he rushed over to her place and she showed him the test.Bailey was pregnant with Jason's baby. Jeremiah told her everything will be ok I'm here for you.
Jason got home a few hours later and saw Bailey sitting on the couch looking out the window. Jason knew something was wrong,so he went over to her kissed her and asked "whats wrong baby?" Bailey was crying and said "im pregnant"
Jason was shocked and started screaming at her, saying it wasn't his baby,calling her a ****.Bailey asked"how could it be anyone else's baby,when im always here or at school?"
Jason said "maybe when im at work you have guys over"
Bailey got up to leave the room,but Jason shoved her down to the ground and screamed "You either get an abortion or you leave this house because that baby is not mine"
Bailey said"Im only 16 and ive only been with you,its your ****** baby!!!"
Jason said"its not mine,if your pregnant with my baby,then its a miracle because for the past 4 months ive been....
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May 21, 2012