Her Life Part 7

Jason stopped talkin and turned to walk away,but Bailey got up and grabbed Jasons arm and asked"for the past 4 months youve been what?" Jason said"look im sorry,me and you were never suppose to happen,you were just gona be my booty calls,but then we did get close,but for the past 4 months ive been tryin to get Sara pregnant" (Sara is their neighbor who goes to school with them,she is the head captain on the cheerleading squad).
Bailey couldnt believe what she was just told.she started crying and said"You can have Sara,i'll leave you alone,but know im havin this baby"
Before Jason could say anything,Bailey walked out the door.She didnt know what to do,she didnt know where to go.She decided to swing by her old place.It was still abandoned,so she decided to go inside.
She was surprised that everything was still the same as she left it,so she went up to her room and her stuff was still there.She decided to stay the night there,and figure everything out.
Around 3a.m she heard the backdoor swing shut,she was scared so she got up and grabbed her baseball bat,and went by her door and locked it.
She heard a vioce calling out for her but she didnt want to believe her ears,the voice was gettin closer and closer then the voice was right outside the door.It called for Bailey sayin "I know youre in there open up please" Bailey still holding the bat,unlocked the door,opened it and there stood.....
demonicsangel2011 demonicsangel2011
22-25, F
May 21, 2012