Her Life Part 8

Sara....the cheerleader and the girl Jason was cheating on Bailey with. Bailey asked Sara"why are you here?" Sara said "Listen i kno you hate me and all but i want you to kno im sorry,Jason told me that there was nothing goin on between you two but i heard what happened today,and i want u to kno that i believe u" Bailey said "thanks but i dont want anything to do with you or Jason"
Bailey slammed the door shut,and locked it.Sara stood outside her door and told her she cant hide from this
Bailey unlocked the door and opened it,screamed at Sara...."You think im tryin to hide from this?,are you stupid?Jason was cheating on me the whole time i got with him,and he got me pregnant!!!and now he wants to call me a **** and deny the baby.Im not hidin from anything"
Sara said"ok im sorry,i'll just leave u alone"
Sara turned around and left without sayin another word.
Bailey was so upset she started crying again.and she was thinkin is life really worth livin for?
She wanted to forget everything,so she went downstairs into the den and looked around.she saw all her dad liqour.Bailey opened the vodka and whiskey and started pouring shots one after another.Finally she past out...was out for the rest of the night.
In the mornin when she woke up she got the shock of her life.
demonicsangel2011 demonicsangel2011
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May 22, 2012