A Life Gone By Chapter 5

Debra was frozen in place. What the hell just happened? She rushed to her mother and knelt beside her motionless body. With her face in her hands, she wept and lay across her mother's body. As she lay there, she could feel a heartbeat, weak and thready, but a heartbeat nevertheless. Grabbing her cell phone from her pocket, she dialed 911. "Please, my mother has had an attack of some sort. The address is 425 Dovetail Terrace. Hurry, she's very weak."

She looked into her mother's face and whispered gently, "Mother, please open your eyes if you can hear me." There was no response. Debra took her mother's hand and caressed it with her cheek. "Oh, mommy, don't let go. Please come back. I need you. Michael needs you."

In her twilight state Lorraine felt herself floating as if she were on a cloud. How lovely and peaceful, she thought. She could see that around her was the most beautiful place she had ever seen. She smiled to herself, and sighed. William would have loved this place. William. How she missed him. Throughout their life he was the steady rock of the family.

She remembered the time when they nearly lost Michael to a burst appendix. The infection had spread so far that he was fighting for all he was worth to live. The medications weren't working fast enough, and he was losing ground every hour. William stood staunchly by the bedside of his only son, and he prayed. He prayed. He did not want to leave his boy, but he knew he had to take care of Lorraine and Debra. Lorraine was also there, and she did not leave the room, unless physically being led out to go home and shower and rest. Those things weren't important to her, but she did as William asked. She knew it was best. Besides, Debra needed her, too. She had been staying with Lorraine's sister, Julia. Julia tried to keep Debra's mind off of the seriousness of her brother's illness, but Debra was very perceptive that way.

She remembered that that incident was the deciding factor for Debra to become a nurse. Oh, Deb, she was very good at it. She helped with her dad when he was ill, and she always kept close tabs on Michael. Michael....what was it Deb said about Michael. He was in the hospital? She was trying hard to remember what Debra had told her, but she could not. What has happened to my Michael?

As the ambulance neared with the siren blaring, Lorraine's train of thought was interrupted by the noise. She moaned and tried to move, but she found she could not. "Lie still, mom, you've had an accident. Can you hear me? Can you look at me?" Her mother opened her eyes as much as she could, and what Debra saw on her mother's face told her what had happened. Her mom had had a stroke.

"My God", Debra thought,"do I have to bear this, too? Why is this falling to me with no one to comfort me? This is too much, too hard. Michael, I need you and you are not any help to me right now." She was scared, angry, and so worried, for the only family she had were both in the hospital, and there were no guarantees either of them would leave alive. With that, she broke down and sobbed. One of the nurses from the ER came to her and held her in a tight embrace. "We'll do our best for your momma. She's a fighter; we can tell by the look in her eyes as we speak to her. She can move all of the right side of her body, but the left side is a little clumsy. That's actually a good sign that she hasn't suffered severe trauma.

The CATscan revealed that she had indeed had a mini stroke. She was given the care she needed in the ER and sent to the ICU for a couple of days. Debra stayed by her mother's bedside, drifting in and out of fitful sleep. Every time she awoke, she was hit with the reality of the whole situation. She began thinking what to do, where to begin to help her family.

One question lingered on Debra's mind. Do I call Michael while he is preparing for this surgery he has waited so long for? I know he expects me to be there, but until mom was out of danger of another more serious stroke, she intended to stay where she was. She picked up the phone several times and lay the receiver back just as many. She honestly didn't know what to do. Until mom was stronger, she was afraid to leave, but what if she wasn't there for Michael? What if his surgery didn't go as planned? She was being ripped apart inside. "Michael, she whispered to herself.......

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