Her Life Part 9

Her mother and father found her past out and put her into bed.When she woke up she saw that her mom and dad were alive,and her dad wasnt a drunk and her mom wasnt a druggie.
She went downstairs and talked with her parents,turns out Bailey is the drunk and druggie.Her mother begged her to go into rehab to get cleaned.Bailey agreeed.
Bailey stayed for 30 days and completed the program without any problems. On the 31st day her parents came and got her. When she got home all her friends including Jeremiah,Sara and Jason were at her house.Her parents were throwin her a party for her success.
She sat down with them and told them everything. She was surprised that she had such a horrible dream that really woke her up.Evrything that happened in the dream was the way she saw life when she was high or drunk.
Bailey promised her parents and friends no more druggs no more drinkin nothing,she is on a clean start.
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1 Response May 23, 2012

Good story angel and thank heavens you finished it with a positive outcome. I was really freaking out over the twists and turns. Good job.