Why Is This Happening?

It started on a cold windy night.The sky was black with only a few stars,it was summer but the wind made it a cold night.Two teenage girls were walkin the streets just laughing and not havin a care in the world.A truck was slowly approachin,the two teenagers didnt even notice the truck.The truck was now behind them,no lights,they couldnt even hear the engine.Finally the truck stopped and so did the girls,they turned around and out stepped a tall muscluar man.The girls thought it was one of their friends,but it wasnt. The girls walked towards the man,when Shay(one of the girls)said "heyy" the guy didnt even say anything he just reached out and grabbed Shay's arm and said "come wit me,if you want to live" Shay wasnt scared,she was confused,but she went with the guy while leaving Augusta just standin in the road by herself.The man yelled back to Augusta,"you can come too if you dont want to be alone"Augusta ran to the truck and jumped in.
Augusta and Shay were sittin in the front with the man,it was all quiet and the girls didnt even bother to ask the man his name,they just looked out the window.Finally they arrived at a run down appartment building.Shay asked "why are we here" The man said "you will see when we go in" They all got out of the truck and walked into the building to one of the rooms. The man opened the door let the girls go in first while he shut and locked the door behind him.The guy called out for his buddies,three big men were coming out of the back room,Shay and Augusta turned around to leave but....
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yes they are

Are these girls realy dumb?