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I'm Stuck Now Part 1

Mike and Robin are 15 year old identical twins.They live with there mom,Cindy.Robin isn't the most behaved person.She does cause some problems.Mike on the other hand tries his best at school and around the house.Mike has a secret that only Robin knows.Mike likes to crossdress.Robin caught him and uses it to her advantage.She has him do her chores and homework at times.Robin has promised not to tell,as long as he helps her.Mom has tried everything with Robin but since she is doing decent in school and doing her chores,so she thinks,she lets somethings slide.Mike is tired of all this.He told her he'd quit dressing if he has to.He went almost two weeks before he gave in and dressed.What he didn't know was Robin was waiting for him to dress again and she caught him.This time she took pictures.She told him you will do what i say or i'll post the photos.Mike pleaded with her but it fell on deaf ears.She told him that he was going to become more girly.She took him to the bathroom and handed him a bottle of Nair.She told him put it on his legs.He started crying and said he couldn't.Find i'll show mom the photos.Wait i'll do it.She helped him do it.With that done,she said come with me to my bedroom.Sit down and let decide what color to paint your toenails.Please no,he begged her.Lets go with bright red.With that done she told him to go put on panties and hose.You can put your boy clothes on and come down when your he walked into the livingroom he heard Robin telling mom...............
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M 3 Responses May 28, 2012

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Robin is a meany and gives other Robyn/Robins a bad name.

Robin and Mike are fraternal twins. Identical twins are always the same gender, the result of one fertilized egg splitting in half to create two separate, identical people. Fraternal twins start out as two totally separate fertilized eggs whose gender may or may not be the same.

Ooooh, that Robin........what's she up to?!