Life Changes Part 1

Life Changes
Part 1 - the accident
Johnny or Little John, so called because of his slim build and smaller stature, was a happy 10 year old boy. He lived with his older sister Angie who was 12 and his mum Amanda and his dad, Dave.
Johnny's best friend was Carrie who was also 10. They were born seconds apart on the same day. Their mothers had met in the maternity ward of the local hospital and become lifelong friends. Carrie lived in the next street, an easy couple of minutes walk from each other. Their mothers had often met in one another's homes for coffee or met in the local park watching the children as they played. Johnny had played with Carrie since they were babies. He sat next to her in class and they played on the same little league baseball team. Their friendship was unusual in that Johnny was quite at home playing with Carrie and her dolls, as was Carrie playing cars with Johnny. Their mothers often commented that they were more like fraternal twins than best of friends. They rarely if ever squabbled and seem to know what the other was thinking They would just exchange looks then rush off together to do activities whether it would be watching TV or playing a game.
Johnny was a shy child and not all the interested in sport. His parents were surprised and delighted that age 8 he asked if he joined the local little league baseball team. It turned at that Carrie had joined and asked Johnny to join as well. Through Carrie, it wasn't long before Johnny knew all the other girls in the team and was slowly becoming friends with the boys as well. Despite being only young and new to the sport, he excelled with the bat and had the highest average two years running. Johnny really loved this sport and rarely missed games or the weekly training run. He would have to sick in bed not to attend, such was his dedication, often to the chagrin of his parents.
This particular Saturday, Johnny's mother and sister wanted to attend a sale at the local mall. Dad decided that he would drive the girls to the mall and once the girls finished their shopping, they would go to Johnny's game and pick him up. Dad decided he would call a taxi to get Johnny to his game on time.
The taxi arrived and Johnny hopped in the back. Mum gave him a kiss and Dad wished him good luck. They waved as the taxi departed on got in their car to head off to the mall.
On the way to the game the taxi driver, who had a child Johnny's age, struck up a conversation with Johnny. He was curious about getting his child interested. Of course, Johnny was an excellent ambassador of the sport. They were crossing an intersection, when suddenly, out of nowhere, a car came through the lights at high speed and struck the taxi with great force. The force was so great the two cars became stuck together
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Nice, got my interest.

I hope your interest continues

It has, I'm on part 7, will read them all. You should post it on Good place for this story.

The parts were written with EP in mind. I am not aware of that site. I'll check it out. Thanks

Wow. a great start and a cliff hanger for part 2.