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We Need Help Or We Quit Part 2

About the same time the boys said,hi Penny.She asked,what's wrong guys?We're thinking about busting up the band.But why,you guys are good.It's just not going anywhere.That other band gets most of the jobs around town.Well, don't break up yet.Maybe things will change.I just stopped by to say hi.I've gotta run,see you later.Oh,you guys wanna hang out tonight?Yea,we might as well.Cool,see you tonight.Todd said,lets quit practice for the day.That night every body was sitting around talking about different things.Penny told Harley and Janice about the guys wanting to break up the band and why.Why not add a girl singer like the other band,Harley asked.But i'm lead singer,Todd said.Well,you and her could both sing.Brett and Allen said,it's worth a shot.So the next day they started try-outs for a girl singer.After several auditions,no one seemed right.Allen said,face it guys we should just forget it.Todd being a smartass said,
why not just put a dress on me?Janice said,why not.
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M 3 Responses Jun 13, 2012

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Janice might be a good singing coach

Hmmm, it might be hard to turn his voice to a female voice....unless......

unless. HEE HEE

good plot here