The Bully, Part 1

Tommy was the terror of Roosevelt Elementary. Some said he purposefully failed the fourth grade so he could pick on the smaller kids in the school. Final because of his age they did promote him to the sixth grade however. He was the tallest in the school but wirey instead of being all muscle bound. He would hit the younger boys and sometimes even knock down some girls as they went between classes. The worst he did was when a girl rejected him was to tell stories about them. He just didn't care about if he destroyed their reputation, it was how he wanted to be the big man er boy on campus. He thought he would always have his way, even some teachers feared him. The rumor was he had cut up the convertible top of the science teachers new Jeep Wrangler. It was never proven however, but the science teacher had a couple of alarms placed on his car afterward. Yeah he thought he was the **** of the walk. That is until three new transfer students came in the school
The new students were all girls. Janice, Harley and Penny were all transferred in because they needed a class only offered at Roosevelt Elementary, it was an early college preparatory class. Passing this class would assure each girl would be closer to getting a state scholarship to any State College they wanted. All three girls had an IQ of 170 or better, were straight A students and were even at thei ages of thirteen were being proffered with offers from the more prestigious colleges in the state. The girls also made friends very fast and began to fit in with the other kids of the school. They were not conceited either, they would help struggling students as well as those who had it much easier. The thing is all the girls were small in stature and weighed very little over 60 to 70 pounds each. Tommy had seen them in the office where he had been sent for another infraction the school would be hard pressed to prove. His victims were not gonna speak of the things done - so the school's hand were tied. He thought to himself as he surveyed the girls, these will be the easiest targets in a long while. Little did Tommy know of the can of worms he was about to open.
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Go, Girls, Go.<br />
3 girls with an IQ 170 against one brainless jerk, he has not a chance.<br />
What I would do is something to inflate his ego more and than drop him a bomb and teach this jerk a lesson he will never forget.

OKAY melodie- we 3 have it all planned out and will take over from where you left off

Miss Janice, Harley and Penny yes if you wish to write the next chapter I wouldn't oppose it and actually would welcome it. However i did write a part 2 and this boy, Tommy already made Miss Janice a victim, so you would need to start from there.

is it true Melodie, you want one of 3 of us to write the next chapter?

Oh my! Now I know why my ears were ringing tonight-<br />
<br />
Okay girls--------------------- let Tommy make a move,then watch out

He needs a dose of his own medicine. Boys like him need to be taught valuable lessons.

Give him hell girls or make him one pretty girl.

Well, you better finish the story!

Hey Melodie, you better keep writing! :-)<br />

Thanks, I thought of this actually from a cartoon this morning.