Life Changes Part 6

They all waited for the psychologist to arrive. Dave and Amanda were feeling extremely nervous about how Jessie would take the news.
A few minutes later, a woman around Amanda's age walked in, a kindly smile on her face.
"Hello, my name is Clair. I've been assigned to look after your child's welfare" she said to Dave and Amanda. She then walked over to Jessie's bed and sat down on the end.
"I have some bad news" she said to Jessie. "The accident hurt you very badly. You know that you had two broken legs and a broken arm. The doctors did amazing things in setting those broken bones, however there was one thing they couldn't fix. You've lost your "boy bits". There was nothing that they could do to save them so they made you a "girlie part" instead. You're a girl now"
Jessie went white as her sheets and looked around at her parents who nodded their agreement. Amanda rushed over to Jessie as she started crying and holding her. She said" We only want you to be better Sweetie. It's not going to change how we feel about you or the things you've done all your life. It won't stop you from doing anything in the future."
"But mum I'm a g-g girl" sobbed Jessie.
At this moment Angie piped up "And what's wrong with girls??" The way she said it and the body language had the effect of lightening the whole mood in the room. Even Jessie couldn't suppress a small laugh at her sister's antics.
Clair spoke up, pleased at the way things had played out.
"I know that this has come as a shock to you but there is just one more thing and that is a new name. I don't know any girls named Johnny."The way she said also caused smiles around the room. She nodded at Amanda.
"Your Dad, my self and Angie have spoken about this. Before you were born, we had to choose both a girl's and boy's name. We had the name Jessica, Jessie or Jess for short chosen. It is also your Nan's name(Dave's mum). What do think...Jessie?"
She looked at her child. Jessie looked around the room and saw approval on everyone's face. Even Angie nodded in agreement.
"Jessie" said Jessie, getting used to the sound coming from her own voice.
Clair stood up, pleased that things had gone so while despite the big shock and change to Jessie's life.
"I'll leave you all to get to know Jessie. I will be seeing you often. I'm sure that your mum and sister will want to help too. Bye for now". With that, Clair left the room knowing there was much ahead for Jessie to learn.
Everyone gather around Jessie, Angie came up and planted a big kiss on Jessie cheek. "Jessie, my little sister." Jessie blushed but liked the attention. Remarkably, unlike many siblings, Jessie and Angie had always gotten on even as brother and sister. Now they were sisters.
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I can just imagine what was going through her mind as Clair and her family told her the news about what had happened. <br />
You had me crying too. <br />
Yes, Jessie does have so much to learn and many more questions that will need answers as well.

I can probably say I know....having learnt some things about myself , but later in life. I felt pretty emotional myself when writing as this touched "close to home" in a way.

I would think so, you have such a unique perspective in this respect. Yes, I know what you mean, sometimes we aren't told everything that went on while we were young.
I believe many have wished that some accident would happen causing it all to go away or that they would wake up to find it was all just a bad dream. I spent many long childhood days and nights with these thoughts.

And a new girl is born.<br />
As horrid as this may sound, back in my teens I wished for an 'accident' like this to be a girl.