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A Comedy Of Events Chapter 1 By Harley

My name is Brenda and in my diary are some interesting entries, I can piece together some stories for you.

Lets start with the story of my Aunt Amanda ,
Amanda is my dads sister , she studied many years to become a school teacher
Amanda had tried other jobs ,but never seemed to handle the work, even thou she knew
what had to be done, she still managed to get fired.

Dad was the first to discourage her from teaching cause Dad himself teaches and has
quickly moved up the ranks ,
Dad never said this but I know him inside out, he probably feared Amanda failing and then
him being held responsible some way.

okay lets's look at my diary and follow this story

july 2 2007- today Amanda came to dinner, she was very happy, Amanda told the family
she was hired for her first teaching job - Grade 5s at Jackson Public school.

Dad seemed less than thrilled, Jackson Public school is in the same district as Nixon
Public school where he teached-
Mom gave dad a boot under the table and forced him to say well done to Amanda


September ? 2007 - Amanda came to dinner ,she says teaching is harder than anything
Dad says softly - "you'll flop like a pancake in a month" Amanda never heard him
Mom gave Dad a kick under the table and forced him to say "you'll be fine in a month"
Christmas break 2007- Amanda came to dinner she says she need the holidays to calm her nerves , she says she can't understand why the kids are so bad, afterall she lets them do as they please.
Dad says - some sort of swearing @@#$@#$@##8()!# ,and Amanda is not paying attention
Mom gets up for coffee and donuts and drops and cracks a dinner plate on dads head
"if you're going swear , you'll suffer" says Mom
March 2008 - Amanda came to to dinner, shes crying as she tells us Jackson Public school
is refusing to rehire for the next school year.
Dad says "maybe you should be a housewife and stay at home , if any nut would marry you"
Amanda was crying to loud to hear dads remark - Mom stomped on Dads toes,
Dad hugs his sister and says "things will be okay"
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I agree with cindy and Becnme, yet another good story and in diary form as well.

I feel for poor Dad always "opening his mouth to change feet" as the ex<x>pression goes and Mum making him pay. Looking forward to next instalment.

Why? There's only one way this can go....

Sounds like the makings of another good story.