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A Secret For How Long Part 8

We're going to the mall and hit every store in the place.We may even have some more pictures taken.Please don't make me go,Jimmy pleaded.Oh you'll love it, Debbie told him.But how are we getting there, asked Jimmy.A friends mom from our old neighborhood is taking us.What,no,no i can't Jimmy screamed.Then they heard a car horn.That's them,Candy said.Don't worry,
they've never met you.All most dragging Jimmy, out the door they went.At the car Debbie introduced Jimmy to their friends.Mrs.Brown,Mindy this is our
cousin Jenny.She's visiting for afew days.So off they went.The four girls were let off to enjoy the mall.As Jimmy was told,they hit every store in the mall.The girls had a group photo taken.Candy noticed that Jimmy was relaxed and having fun.She also noticed he was acting like a girl.Finally it was time to head home.Back home Candy and Debbie helped Jimmy change his clothes.
They took the fingernail polish off.But told him the toenail polish stays on.But why,Jimmy asked.Because we......................
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M Aug 8, 2012

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