The Runaway Pt 5

Rose and I skipped to catch up with Vivian, we all walked into the dining hall and GIRL was it packed. Vivian took rose and my hand and took us to a empty table, we all sat down and got trays. We ate dinner in science, I was appreciating the food considering i haven't eaten in days. After Vivian and I took rose back to her "house" with the other little girls to sleep. We walked back to Vivian's and she told me that she had an extra bed and I was welcome to stay if i wanted to. I hugged her and told her how nice shes been and i appreciate it so much, She said alright lets get to bed. She passed me some Nightys and we went to bed. We woke up the next day got dressed and headed for the garden. She told me that they like to grow there own fruit, I replied with thats really cool. So we planted some fruit and stuff. I went to the flowers and smelled the Lilly my favorite, then i grabbed a rose for my new little sister. We did some more chores and then a man with a suit walked through the doors. I whispered to Vivian who is he? She told me that's..................
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Hope he's a good guy.

*hint hint* hes not

Ohh noooo's what can this lead to one wonders.