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A Comedy Of Events Chapter 3 By Harley

MAY 2009 - Amanda came to visit us today, she has great news
Amanda has been hired as a summer school teacher, for July and August
she'll be teaching at a school she never heard of ,

MAY 2009 Amanda tells us her summer job is as a teaching assistant
with the local police force- she so proud.

Mid July 2009 Amanda came to dinner in tears, she wnats out of her
contract as a teach assitant, seems she isn't really teaching or a assitant
rather she is teachers aid.
The school is a school teaching police dogs and her job in the school
is that of a criminal, all Amanda does all day is wear a special protection suit
and get attacked by police dogs.

the dogs learn to attack and to cease attacking using Amanda.

LATE July 2009- Dad says he can't help Amanda out of her contract, Mom
however says she can't go on vacation with DAD till Amanda is happy again.

August 2009 - Dad made a deal with the police today - Amanda will continue
her work with the police dogs till September 2009 and return to work with the police dogs
summer 2010 ,if the police force sign a statement that statesAmanda is a fine outstanding teacher.

mid August 2009 Dad got Amanda a real school teaching job starting Sept . 2009
Amanda is now happy, we get a whole 5 day vacation now.
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I hope Amanda can stay happy now.