Life Changes Part 14

When Jessie got home, Angie was already there. She had told her mum what had happened at the pool.
"Jessie, though today might have been embarrassing, it should stop those idiots harassing you any more" said her mum.
"They know now you're real, just like them."
"Thanks mum" Jessie replied. "Also, thanks for helping me, Angie" Jessie said and gave her sister a hug.
"That's what big sisters are for" said Angie and hugged her back.
That night, as she getting ready for bed, she looked at herself in the mirror. Her mother came up and stopped in the doorway. Jessie continued to examine herself, unaware of her presence.
She'd gone beyond the budding stage and small mounds were beginning to appear.
"My girl is growing up" commented her mum from the doorway, startling Jessie.
"Mum!!" Jessie said quickly covering up.
"It's OK Jessie. We're all girls here and I have seen it with me first and then your older sister."
"But how come I am growing there... I haven't got ...what do you call them... ??"
Her mum laughed and said "They are called ovaries Jessie. I know that you are missing some things. Remember the little green pills you have been taking each morning?"
"Sure' said Jessie."I don't even need water to take them they're so small."
"Well, they are responsible for the changes in your body. They're called hormones. They're the same as those made in someone born a girl."
"Will I now grow like a girl?" Jessie asked.
"Yes you will. You'll never be able to have children, but then not all girls are able to have children either."
Jessie's expressions changed as her mother talked. In the end she looked a little sad.
"Why are you sad Jessie?" asked her mum.
"I'm just thinking about the ladies that can't have children. They must feel sad."
"You're such a sweet girl Jessie. Yes it is sad. But they can always adopt a girl or boy who doesn't have parents for some reason or other."
This brightened Jessie's mood almost instantly.
"Also" said her mother "we will have to go shopping and you some training bras soon. Also little league starts soon. We will have to go and sign you up. Now hop into bed. You've got school tomorrow."
The next day at school she saw the girls who had attacked her in the change room. Angie and some Angie's friends were there too. The girls apologised to Jessie for what had happened. As they walked away Angie said "There not bad girls really, just a little hot headed sometimes. I asked then if they were going to apologise to you and they said they would. I came with them so you wouldn't feel threatened."
"Thanks Angie. You're such a great, big sister." Jessie gave Angie a hug. Angie hugged Jessie back and then told her to get to class.
As they lined up for class, Jessie was approached by the two girls who had started the whole thing.
"We're sorry Jessie" one of them said. "Glenn Bradley threatened us if we didn't find out. We told the principal everything and he reported Bradley to the police again. This time he is going away for a while."
"That's OK. Everyone now knows that I'm a girl now. Hopefully now that will be the end of the matter" said Jessie remembering what her mum had said last night.
The class filed in and class started. That was the last time there was any talk of Jessie being other than a girl.
The weekend arrived and Jessie was taken down by the family to sign up for Little League.
Melissa, the coach's daughter was there.
"My, you have grown Jessie since I last saw you. I hope the uniform still fits."
"Oh it does" said Jessie. "I tried it on this morning. I can't wait for the season to start again."
All Jessie's team mates were there signing up. The girls all got together and all started talking. Melissa came over and told them all that training would be starting next week. She would see them all there after school.
"This time Jessie, get your mum and dad to drive you. We don't want a repeat of the accident." Melissa smiled as she walked over to the parents to advise them. She talked to Jessie's parents commenting on how much Jessie had grown since she'd seen her after the hospital home coming party.
"Yes" said Jessie's mum. "She certainly is growing up fast."
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thank you hun for your stories.

Well she's growing up fast...where to now? Not sure as my outline has sort of finished....I know!!...... though we may skip a few years forward...

That sorted that out, now what is next?

Such a wonderful continuation, I love the new turn of events.