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The Day Things Changed Part 3

As soon as they were out the door,i was taking my clothes off as i was  running to my cousin's bedroom.Opening the chest of draws i saw different
panties and bras from the last the last time.I picked a green with white trim  panty and bra set.The next draw was full of socks and tights.I picked a pair of white with green trim anklets.Now for a dress.In the closet i found all kinds of dresses.I picked a yellow sundress with green swirls.Acouple of green and
yellow barrets in my hair made my long hair look cute.For the finishing touch,
a pair of white tennis shoes.I knew i had to go outside again,so out the back door i went.How i hoped that girl and her mother would show up again like last time.I knew down the alley and around the corner was a playground.Off i went skipping down the alley,it was the most wonderful feeling.Once there i saw a other kids,a boy and three girls.I went to a swing and hopped on.After acouple minutes one of the girls came over.Hi,i'm Beth.You wanna join us?I'm Candy,sure.She introuced me to one girl,her name is Doris.When she introduced the other girl and boy,i freaked.
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M Aug 20, 2012

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