The Runaway Pt 6

Vivian told me that was the official lawyer trying to shut us down. I asked her why would anyone shut this down its perfect, She told me that it was because of all the runaway kids parents are looking and we hide them if they search here. I gasped, Vivian told me to stop being so dramatic Hannah. I walked over to him with Vivian sort of hiding behind me, Asked him how can I help him. He told me he was looking for a man name by the name of Michael, his parents miss him and want him to come home. I snapped at him WELL YOU CAN TELL THEM "HIM" doesn't exist and Ill consider going back if they accept me as what I am. He replied with OH child you dont know how much crap your in, come now and maby ill leave this place alone. I couldn't refuse was I suppose to let this place die because my selfish needs. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me into his car threw some clothes at me and told me to get changed, then he handed me a napkin and told me to wipe that **** off my face. we drove silently into back where i used to live to find my dad waiting at the door. all I found in his eyes..................
Hannahoneday Hannahoneday 18-21, T 2 Responses Aug 20, 2012

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yes excellent drop off point!

You left a real cliffhanger.Nice going.