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New Friends And A New Start Part 12

Billy said,yea they are as pretty as mine because Jesse's mom sews them with love like my mom does.The guys just stood there with their mouths opened.Then Billy was asked,are you all right?He answered,yea.His dresses are pretty.About that time Melodie and Clara got back.The boys ran to the kitchen to help with the groceries.Oh my,who's all these boys asked Melodie.But before anyone could answer, a knock on the door and a voice singing out,i hear there's a party here today.Billy ran to the door yelling,i know that voice it's Gunny.Gunny asked if he could help.He told Melodie,i grill up some mighty tasty food.She said,i would love to have you help out.Clara told the boys to go and get dressed for the party.Gunny said atleast it warmed up today as he went out to the garage to get the grill ready.Soon after that the girls started arriving.Melodie looked and said................
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M Aug 20, 2012

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