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A Secret For How Long Part 10

Do you want to go?Yes,yes Jimmy cried out.Ok Wendy,be here early.Hey mom,i'm going with Candy and Debbie tomorrow.I gotta be there early.Where you guys going,mom asked.Were going to their old neighborhood to see friends.Time for bed finally came but with the excitement, it was hard to sleep.Morning came and mom called for Jimmy to get up.After a bath and a quick breakfast,Jimmy was headed to his cousins.Hey Jimmy come on up, we'll get you ready.Where's your mom and dad?They went shopping.On the bed was a pair of red shorts, a white tank top and a white bra.Candy told him,
to show off your red toenails you can wear these white sandals.Now get dressed so we can do your make-up and hair.With everything done,they were
ready to go.Less than fifteen minutes later,their friends picked them up.Jimmy sat quietly thinking to himself.What have i got myself into?
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M 1 Response Aug 21, 2012

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what did he get himself into... I KNOW hes going to have fun and im so jealous !