The Trade Pt 3

I heard the car door shut and peeked to see 3 guys with baseball bats in there, coming closer to the house. I slipped my nightie off and into my male clothes, ran downstairs with a broom and they saw me saying we saw you come home from the store. I asked them what they want, they asked me why was my hair like that. One of them told me that before this they had a daughter with the same hair style, just mine was in pony tail. **** i thought, they noticed! i knew i should of let my hair be frizzy and not curled it. They asked me if there was any girls in this house, or if i was the girl. I played it nonchalantly and told them most of the girls are dead or in hiding. They continued to question me until i didnt notice one of the men come up behind me and grab me by my head. He told me id look like a very pretty girl, dropped my pants and saw my panties. Oh already prepped i see! delighted he pulled my panties down and touched me inappropriately In many ways. They then let go of me sending me into the house, I went to momma and cried. She told me that its ok and tomorrow i can be the girlyest girl ever shed do everything for me
Hannahoneday Hannahoneday 18-21, T Aug 26, 2012

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