Uncharted Isle Part One

Jamie sat having a quiet drink with his good friend and work colleague Tim in their local club.
Jamie Trent was in his mid 30s single and dedicated to his job. He started a small company that had found a niche market. The company grew in leaps and bounds and Jamie surrounded himself with extremely capable people. Being the owner meant that Jamie was financially well off, being a multimillionaire. The company was still growing and workers were well rewarded for their hard work. There was much admiration from the workforce for their boss. It was good fortune and hard work on Jamie's behalf that had made his company what it now was. Despite his wealth, Jamie was a simple man with simple tastes
Jamie had known Tim Flannigan who was also single and his late 20s for nearly all Tim's life. Despite their age difference, they were good mates. Tim was somewhat a lady's man, while Jamie had been too busy building his business to be too social.
That was all changing as Jamie delegated many of his tasks while still keeping an eye on everything and receiving daily reports. He wanted to socialise a bit more.
Jamie supported his local club and often provided prizes in the club's raffles. Tonight he bought a few tickets in a raffle for one of the few prizes he had not provided. It was a weekend for two, cruising the barmy waters of the cape aboard a large pleasure cruiser.
There was an announcement from the stage that interrupted Jamie and Tim's banter.
"The winner of the trip for two cruising the cape is ticket orange ticket B47. Would the ticket holder please come to the stage to collect their prize."
Club patrons began to look at the tickets, cursing at their bad luck. Jamie tardily brought out his tickets and exclaimed, somewhat surprised, "Oh ... I've won."
Jamie wandered up to the stage holding the winning ticket. The announcer handed Jamie an envelop containing all the details of the prize and the tickets. The trip was to depart Friday night returning Sunday afternoon. Accommodation on board the vessel was in one bedroom rooms with self contained facilities. Two rooms were included in the prize. Jamie asked Tim if he were interested in coming along and Tim of course agreed. A weekend away cruising the warm waters and maybe a bit of fishing would refresh the soul.
Friday evening Jamie and Tim left work early. They had both brought small bags with some changes of clothes and other personal gear.
They arrived and Jamie parked his car in the long term car park. They wandered down to the jetty as were surprised to a group of about 15 women also waiting to board. The group was a women's soccer team off for a cruise after winning the grand final. The were all around 30 years old. Tim was in his element while Jamie felt socially awkward.
The guests were all ushered on board and as they checked in, were assigned their cabins. The boat had 20 cabins on two decks. Jamie and Tim were allocated adjoining rooms whiles the women were spread across both decks. Jamie noted with interest that the crew appeared to be all female too. They were greeted by the captain, an older woman in her late 30s-early 40s and a younger woman maybe in her late 20s.
Once on board and all guests accounted for, the boat cast off heading away from the jetty to the darker waters off the coast. Dinner was set for 7pm and all guests were invited into the lounge once they had stowed their belongings.
Jamie found their cabins on the lower deck. In the cabin was a single bed, small closet with a chest of drawers and a combination shower and fold out toilet. The cabins weren't large but had room enough. The bed also had side rails. Jamie guessed that these might be needed if rough weather were encountered. The forecast for the weekend predicted sunshine and calm weather.
Dinner was a pleasant affair as the guests got to know one another. There were 7 crew on board, all introduced over dinner with some doubling as catering or entertainment organisers. Over dinner Tim was in his element, charming the women. Jamie found himself a little nervous at the start, but slowly relaxed over a sumptuous roast chicken dinner. A young woman sitting next to Jamie sparked a conversation with him. This is where he learned that they were all soccer players celebrating a successful season without SOs along. He also learned that this woman was still single and that most of the others had b/fs or husbands at home. The two talked long over dinner and then adjourned to the lounge and continued their talk. It seemed that they were a convivial group and Tim had a few of the women enchanted with his tales. At 10pm the crew called it a night and they all headed off to their cabins for a good nights sleep. Jamie continued to chat with the woman who had introduced herself as Wendy. By coincidence Wendy's cabin was on the other side of Jamie's cabin He thanked her for the pleasant conversation and wished he goodnight then entered his own cabin and went to bed.
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oh there is bound to be fun on this trip I can tell...

There are some unexpected twists and turn in this one yet to come :)