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The Day Things Changed Part 5

My mom said,It wouldn't take to much to get him in a dress.I yelled out embarrased,what do you mean mom?She said,your dad and i know you like to dress up.Now maybe you'll be in the open about.You have friends here you can dress with.My uncle said,you can spend time here and dress all you want.My girls can help you with your dressing,if you need it.Devon shouted out,he doesn't need any help.He's cute when he's dressed,said Doris.
Stunned at what was said,mom asked how do you know? I put my head down and told them that i dress in my cousins clothes when i'm here.Once before i was outside swinging when a woman and her daughter came by.We played together for awhile.I knew i had to go out again.I got dressed today and went out.I went to the park and met these guys.Dad looked at me and said..........................
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M Aug 30, 2012

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