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A Secret For How Long Part 12

He was having the time of his life.All at once his happiness was gone.Sitting in the living room was his parents,uncle and aunt.Jimmy just stood there,with complete silence all around.Then his mom finally spoke.Hi Wendy(Jimmy),
did you have fun today?Jimmy hung his head down and said yes.Candy told them that they all had a blast.Debbie said Wendy was so cute playing like a
like a girl today.As for as we know,nobody knew Wendy is a boy.His dad 
apologized for surprising him like this.It was time to bring it out in the open.
Jimmy looked up and asked if they were mad.Mom called him over and took his hands in hers.Sweety,your father and i love you.If you like to dress,it's all right with us.With tears in his eyes he said, really?Then he aked how they found out.His aunt told him,i walked in the girls room awhile back.They were
looking at photos of a girl and i asked who she was.Candy told me it was you.
She told me how much you enjoyed dressing and i thought it best to tell your parents.Dad told him to go change his clothes,it's time to go home.Candy said,let him wear them home.In that case,his mom said.......
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M Sep 4, 2012

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