Sunrise Of The Dragon Chapter 1

My eyes opened to a dark substance hanging in the air, smoke! I quickly used the sleve of my warm fleece pagamas to cover my mouth and reduce the intake. Sounds of steel on steel echoed and sounds of men screaming and yelling, among them were women as well. But all I could see were random flashes of the battle or fire, yet I relized that as I tried to move I was stuck on spot. Then before a buetiful white mare was is site and she reared stricking down a knight. What was odd was she had no saddle, no bridle, and no rider. Instantly smoke hid the mara from site and a sky blue dragon instead showed wrestlig a white one half his size. Again the image faded and before me like rose a woman, she wass tall and elegant dressed in a white gown that bellowed like a strong wind was there and her longe blonde hair flowed. Whisperings of words I could not hear came from her pink lips as she faded back into the smoke. "Wait! No! Aoura!" I shouted trying to move after her but alas I seemed rooted to the spot.
I woke up with a start my eyes adjusting to the darkness of my room. "That deam." I muttered hand on my head before snuggling back into my warm blanket and falling back into a restles sleep.

"Earth to Clare repeating earth to Clare." My friend Kaila said waving her hand infront of my face, I jumped startled. I was in school now but still thinking of the dream. "Sorry, What were you saying?" I apoligized returning my attention to her. "Oh never mind! Tell you later, I have to go to Math or Mr.B will flip." She laughed and walked off to her class and I went to mine. Throughout the class I stared off thinking about the dream, I've had it for weeks now. Always repeating. "Clare would you continue?" Mrs.Mackeral asked looking at me and I looked up from my English 10 text book. "I'm sorry where are we?" I asked and the reply was not to my liking. "Page 483, also dear after class see me. I'll write you a pass." I groaned and nodded before reading the passage. After the class I had a lecture about how smart I am and I should pay attention and all of that.

"Mom I'm home!" I called tossing my bag to the side and my mother frowned. "Put it where it belongs love." She said sipping a coffee to hide her smile. I grinned and did as bidded before running to my room my neckelace bounced against my chest, it was a silver dragon studded with blue gems; my father had got it for me when he was alive. I smiled sunshine filled my room making the yellow walls with dark wood flooring seem so cheery. On my pillow was a small beice of metal the color of the stones studding my neckalace. It was sort of shaped like a scale but it was too large to be of any animal I knew. Strange. Picking it up I examined it, it sure didn't feel like metal; more like a mix of a smooth stone and a bone. A searing sharp pain jolted up my arms as it suddenly became hot and glowed softly increasing with heat and light. My dragon neckalace reached for it pulling gently from my neck. I dropped it in a cry of alarm but already the light grew. "Mom?! What's happening? Help!" I cried out backing away and my mom could be heard running up the stairs. When she reached my room both me and the blue scale thing were gone.
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I love Fiction especially when the girl is the main character, I'm looking forward to the next part.