The Sissy Gladiator...2

Billy was a small kid, but he was also a smart kid.. His folks had known from the time he was born he was not going to be a big man-- his father was not all that large himself, so in just stood to reason that Billy would be the same. In Bill's younger years, because of his size, he seemed to be somewhat withdrawn and not able to mix with the other kids his age. So his father decided to enrole his son in a light martial arts class...just to help him have a bit of confidence within himself. Billy really loved the contact sport...because it was done to protect him in life and he felt good! He took to his leasons well and was a quick study- the thing was, he kept this activity to himself...not wanting anyone else to know what he was doing--his friends might make fun or tease was something he enjoyed and he wanted to keep it that way...

So Billy had studied for the past few years...just letting things go as it were.. Butch had been been giving Billy a hard time for several years, but that was about to change...he had waited for the right time- but he now had had it- They were in Jr High School and it was time to make Butch stop...and not only for Billy, but for anyone else who would get caught by the hand of Butch! Billy now was going to put a stop to all this once and for all--

The two boys were just like any other of the guys of this age, starting to really take notice of the girls...but Billy had seen how Butch reacted toward some of the ladies around him- almost affraid of them..most likely because he had not understood his new found feelings about girls-- and their clothes!! Butch seemed to take an added noticed of their clothes...didn't know why, but he did- he liked them! humm... Butch had noticed the girls...they made him feel...well...weird and things would just 'pop up' when the ones he sort-a like were around...well if the truth be known- Billy was feeling the same way at times..he just made sure no-one knew it!!

So now was the time for the show down between Billy and the bully Butch...Billy knew he could not win a 'street' fight against Butch, but he knew he could make Butch beat himself up if he just played it cool and used his skills in the 'arts'...and he was going to make Butch pay for all those years of fear and pain...
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Sep 9, 2012