Champions Part 2

The following Monday morning found me, resplendent in my new uniform, waiting for the school minibus to collect me. When it arrived there were two girls on board, they greeted me warmly. It turned out that they were both my age and they thought that it was highly probable that I would be in their class.

One of the girls who had jet-black hair and had a slightly Chinese look about her ( it turned out that her father was Chinese and her mother English) introduced herself as Chloe Wong. The other girl who had bobbed brown hair said her name was Grace Atkinson. I noticed that both girls were taking the school skirt length rule to it's extreme as both wore their pleated skirts a good three inches above their knees. 

The bus picked up only two more very young girls before proceeding on to the school. My first day at St. Joseph's confirmed that I was in indeed  in Chloe and Grace's class. The day went well although I did find it strange to be in a class of 20 where there was only one other boy.

I also found it difficult to get used to the idea of being taught by nuns although these nuns did not wear the all encompassing habit and mantle. They all wore plain long black gowns and kept their head covered with a beret-like hat. Nuns hadn't taught me since first school and these nuns were very different from them. These nun's were very efficient in their teaching methods and were sticklers for discipline.

It was at the end of my second day at St. Joseph's that I found one of the problems in relying on the school minibus for transport. Chloe and Grace told me during the day that they would be going to netball practice straight after lessons. They informed me that on days like this the bus wouldn't be leaving until practice had finished so I would have to wait until then for my ride home.
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Sep 9, 2012