Champions Part 3

  After lessons and having no homework to finish I decided to kill time and wander over to watch the girls practice. I didn’t know anything about netball and assumed that it was like basketball for girls. How wrong I was, sure there were baskets at each end of the pitch, but that was where the similarity ended. Not many of the girls were wearing the regulation sports kit because this was an informal practice session. Most of them wore shorts and tee shirts although Chloe and another girl sported the regulation burgundy games skirt. This skirt was in the style of a very short kilt, flat at the front with pleats all round at the back. I thought that Chloe looked delightful in hers. There were about nine girls there with a nun overseeing proceedings; it was strange seeing a nun wearing a tracksuit. The girls who were playing wore bib like tops displaying strange letters such as ‘GS’ and ‘WD’. I found out later that each player was designated a role to play in the team and that there were strict rules as to what they could do. It also took me some time to realise that they couldn’t run with the ball and that the sport was strictly no contact. While I was trying to fathom all this out I could sense a feeling of unrest in the girls. Grace came over and explained what the problem was.

She told me that the school used to have a very good netball team but due to girls leaving they were now struggling to put a decent side together. She said that it was important to get a good side organised because the school would be defending the county championships in five weeks. She explained that six of the girls were from the championship team and the others were being tried out to fill the seventh place plus, hopefully, one in reserve. It soon became obvious even to me that none of the hopefuls were anything like good enough so the six-team members decided on a practice session by themselves. After five minutes the other girls had departed and the six began to practice their moves in earnest. One of the team, a tiny girl called Alison who had long flowing hair and wore a bib with the letters WA, began to protest that she was unable to practice properly without a Goal Attack being present. The others agreed and asked the nun, Sister Susan, what they should do and they went into a huddle to discuss matters. 

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Sep 9, 2012