Champions Part 4

  After a few seconds Sister Susan began to walk towards me and began to speak. “Patrick, the girls are in sore need of someone to play Goal Attack and they were wondering if you would be so kind as to stand in.” “But I don’t know anything about netball”, I replied astonished at the request. “Oh don’t worry about that, we’ll explain it all to you, so will you do it?” I nodded and accompanied Sister Susan to join the waiting group. They explained the role of the Goal Attack plus a few other do’s and don’ts and after removing my blazer and tie I joined the group on the pitch sporting a bib with ‘GA’ emblazoned on the front. I found out that the Goal Attack was the only other person, apart from the Goal Shooter or ‘GS’, who could actually shoot for the basket or net. After a few elementary mistakes I soon found myself enjoying the game and it was over all too soon. After the game Alison thanked me for my help and asked if I would be available to help out again. On the bus home both Chloe and Grace enthused about my netball prowess. “You’re a natural Goal Attack”, said Chloe. “After a couple more training session you’d be ready to take your place in any team”. 


Grace nodded in agreement and I felt myself blushing at their praise. So it was that twice a week after classes for the next month I found myself on the netball court helping out to fill the role of Goal Attack. I was better prepared on these occasions than on my first venture because I changed into my games kit of shorts and gym shoes. During that time another girl, Abigail, began to turn out regularly for practice sessions but it was soon made apparent to all that the best contribution she could make to the team was as a reserve. A week before the County Championship elimination rounds the girls with Sister Susan held a crisis meeting during a training session. Alison began proceedings explaining the need for the school to at least qualify for the finals. The girls had played a couple of warm up matches against poor opposition in the past week with Abigail taking on the role as ‘GA’. 

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Sep 9, 2012