Champions Part 6

  The following morning I boarded the school bus with Mum’s letter of consent tucked in my pocket. Grace immediately asked what I was going to do and when I confirmed that I was going to go through with it she threw her arms around me and kissed me on the cheek, as did Chloe. I remember thinking that I’d rather Grace repeated her kiss of the other evening and had kissed me full on the lips. I gave Sister Susan Mum’s letter during the mid morning break and when she read it she took me to one side. “Now that your mother has given her consent I’ll just explain to you how we’re going to handle the situation in an effort to support you. We obviously can’t keep it a secret from everyone in the school but we will keep those in the know to an absolute minimum. So this afternoon Sister Wendy (middle school principle) will come and talk to your class and explain what you are going to do. She will then make sure that no one will talk about it to anyone else. This way we hope to ensure that the only people who know are your immediate classmates and, of course, your fellow team members.”


    The principal did give the class a talk that afternoon and the initial giggles from some class members were silenced by them being reminded that I was doing it for the reputation of the school. She said that she hoped that the class would support me and that anyone causing me problems would be severely dealt with. When I arrived home that evening I told Mum all that had happened during the day. “Is there netball practice tomorrow as usual?” she asked and I nodded. “Well I’ve been shopping and I think I’ve got all you need”. She indicated a small pile of packages on a chair. “Come on I’ll show you what I’ve bought”. She piled all the bags onto the table and proceeded to show me the contents of each one. There was a new pair of white games shoes (boys at the school normally wore black shoes) which she insisted that I try on for size. There were a couple of pairs of pale blue woollen knee length socks which all the rest of the team wore. Then she pulled out the thing that I had been dreading, the skirt, it seemed so tiny and, well, girly as she offered it up against me and I felt myself blushing. We were down to the last two packages when she pulled out a pair of sports briefs to match the skirt; I felt my face getting even redder at the sight of these.


 The contents of the last bag had me puzzled because she produced a pack containing three pairs of white cotton briefs. They were obviously girl’s knickers and all three had red piping trim around the leg holes and waist. I looked at them perplexed. “What are they for?” I asked, “Surely I don’t have to wear girls knickers as well as a skirt”. “No pet I don’t think you understand, they are for you to wear underneath the sports briefs. You see girl’s sports briefs are for show and girls wear knickers under them for support and hygienic reasons. I got you the plainest ones that I could and don’t worry no one will know you’re wearing them because they won’t be able to see them you couldn’t very well wear your normal boxer shorts could you”. I shrugged my shoulders at this revelation and declined her invitation to try the skirt on. Mum then stopped smiling and began to talk to me seriously. “Well pet I know you are a bit unsure about all this and I think that you’re very brave to undertake it all. However I really do think that you should wear the skirt for your training sessions. You really do need to get used to it and the way that it feels because you are naturally going to feel embarrassed the first time that you wear it. You’ll soon get used to it through so you’ll be able to forget about and get on with playing the game. So promise me that you’ll wear it for the practice session tomorrow”. I nodded my agreement and she gave me a hug.

 The following morning on the school bus I outwardly looked the same as normal. However, appearances can be deceptive because instead of my normal boxer shorts underwear I was wearing a pair of those tight fitting knickers. It was Mum’s idea because she said that as I would have to change later I might as well put them on now. They felt strange because they were very tight and I was all too aware of the elastic round the tops of my legs. This made me realise for the first time just why girls wore things like this because it must make them feel more secure when wearing skirts. I was also too aware that I had my ‘new’ netball kit stowed away in my schoolbag ready for use later. I decided not to tell anyone what I was planning for the practice session.

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