Champions Part 7

  As soon as school ended I made my way, as usual, to the netball courts and after greeting the girls I went into the boys changing room situated next to the girls near the side of the courts. “This is not going to be easy”, I said to myself as I undressed completely apart from my girlish knickers. I reached down inside them and pushed my little male member straight down between my legs in an attempt to remove any embarrassing bulges. I pulled on my usual sports tee shirt and after tucking it in to the waist band of the knickers I examined the rest of the unfamiliar garments lying on the bench. I pulled on the burgundy sports briefs and was immediately aware that they too clung very tightly giving me more confidence in what was to come. Then as I pulled on the knee socks and sports shoes I was ready for the moment I really hadn’t been looking forward to, the skirt. I picked it up to work out how to put it on and found out that there was a sort of horizontal zipper attached to the waistband. This was obviously to enable the wearer to adjust the waist for the most comfortable fit and the flat front flap was then held in place by one of four small buttons. After a moments hesitation I wrapped the pleats around my bottom and after adjusting the zipper I buttoned the front flap into place. Looking down I realised just how short that thing was, it only just covered my briefs. True enough, my shorts would have left just as much of my legs exposed but at least they would keep my underwear covered. Steeling myself I walked over to have a look at my reflection in the large mirror mounted on the wall beside the doorway. What I saw amazed me because after the initial embarrassment in seeing myself wearing a short skirt I realised what Grace had said was only true. I really could be mistaken for a girl with a short hairstyle. Taking a few deep breaths to steady my nerves I walked outside to join the girls. Alison was the first of them to see me.

    “Hey, look at Patrick”. When the other turned to look at me they all came running over and started to make such a fuss saying how good I looked in my new *****. “See, I told you that he could be taken for a girl if he wore a skirt”. said Grace. A smiling Sister Susan suggested that we all start to do some practicing. So donning my ‘GA’ bib I walked onto the court. I played desperately badly for the first few minutes being very conscious of my little skirt flipping up when ever I jumped for the ball. However I soon forgot about it and began to play normally. I became aware of just how much more freedom of movement the skirt afforded compared with the shorts I normally wore. After a minutes I took a break while three of the girls practiced catching and passing with Abigail. I sat on a bench, partly hidden from the field of play by a bush. As I sat there nervously fiddling with the hem of my skirt I became aware of Grace’s presence she was standing in front of me. “You look really good in that”, she said, “please don’t take it the wrong way when I say that you look like a girl. What made you wear it today?” “It’s OK, I’d rather I did look like a girl, that way I’ll just blend in. Mum suggested that I wear it to get used to the feel of it before the big day because I’m a boy I’ve never worn a skirt before.” “I never thought of that”, she said sitting down beside me. “To us girls it’s quite natural but it must feel a bit strange to you”. She moved up close to me and with that mysterious smile of hers she kissed me briefly on the cheek. Although Grace was in my class she was nearly a year older than me due to the age window used to stream children at most schools. She was very sexually mature for her age and, to coin a phrase of the time was up for it. Me, on the other hand and much to my chagrin although puberty and my progress to manhood had began the process was painfully slow. I still had the voice of a juvenile and my little piece of manhood was still woefully undeveloped. I was attracted to girl but my slim and dainty body still showed very little evidence of my proceeding to mature adulthood. Suddenly she kissed my cheek again, this time for a little longer, and I was grateful that we were out of sight from the others at that time. I then felt her hand gently stroking the top of my leg and very gradually she moved it under my skirt and began to fondle me through my girlish underwear. The result of this was electric because my underdeveloped piece of manhood began to struggle in vain against the tight restrictions of my knickers.

    She stopped her kiss suddenly and with a winsome smile on her face whispered in my ear, “I think we’ll save that for some other time.” She then withdrew her hand from the area of my now aching member and dragged me off to join the others for the rest of the practice session. When the session ended Chloe walked over towards me, as I removed my bib and was just about to go off to the changing rooms. “In fine weather like this we usually don’t bother to get changed, we normally just slip on our school sweaters and just go home as we are as it seems such a bother. Why don’t you do the same as us?” Well I…” I couldn’t think of an argument against the idea at that moment, “I suppose I could…” So the three of us still in our netball kit and carrying bags containing our normal uniforms clambered onto the waiting minibus. Thankfully the two younger girls had made their own transport arrangements so were alone for the trip. Chloe, as usual sat at the front of the bus next to the driver while Grace joined me on the back seat. During the journey she kept ‘accidentally’ touching my leg, which began to get me aroused again. I think that she knew what she was doing and the effect she was having on me but she said nothing. At the end of the journey I suddenly realised that I would have to walk the short distance to my house resplendent in my little netball skirt. Our road was normally quiet and wasn’t overlooked by houses so I hoped that there would be no one around to see me. Clutching my bag I leant forward to open the door and just as I did so I felt Chloe flip up the back of my skirt. Both girls began to laugh hysterically at my obvious embarrassment and were still laughing as, blushing fiercely, I waved them goodbye as they continued their journey. I was in luck because there was nobody about during my short walk to the house. However, as I approached home I saw Mum’s car parked in the driveway. She must have got home early; I had hoped to get home and change out of my skirt before she arrived. I had no alternative but to go in dressed as I was but still had a feint hope that she would be busy somewhere and I could get to the sanctuary of my bedroom without her seeing me. I was out of luck because she must have been looking out for me, the front door opened while I was still only half way up the garden path.

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ahhh ohhh caught in pretty panties by mom...